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Montessori in the home: a baby friendly dining room

We are slowly continuing the work of making our home baby and child friendly. I feel it’s important that Frida has some space in each room which feels like hers, and which is accessible for her.

With this in mind we have created a space in our dining room for her to work and play. Our kitchen is tiny but when we moved into our home we knocked a big hole in the wall between it and the dining room, so the idea is that Frida has a pleasant space to be in whilst I get on with food preparation or chores.

To create the space we bought a TROFAST unit and a LATT table and chair set, both from IKEA. I collapsed our extendible dining table, taking it from a six-seater to a four-seater, and added a rug next to the sliding doors out onto the garden, so she can look outside.

I added some of her toys and work to her shelves, a box of wooden bricks (she loves to empty these out of the box), and some plants. This is where we will eventually store her art materials when she is a little older.I am often very inspired by beautiful Montessori homes shared on blogs online, but these are often in countries and cities where space is at less of a premium than in London! So it is a challenge to ensure Frida has her own spaces in a home which is not huge, and where we do not have a large budget for Montessori furniture.

Having a big space dedicated to Frida makes such a positive difference to the feel of the room. I am so pleased that she has her space. Frida currently eats all of her meals with us at the dining table so we use a Tripp Trapp chair for her, but I am going to start introducing more activities for her which she can work on at her table.

We have also added a space for Frida into the sitting room which I will share with you soon.