Each week Frida and I attend a baby sensory class for one hour. I like it because she enjoys it, but also because the class leader comes up with so many different activities for the little ones which can be replicated at home. This week the theme was “colour” and one of the activities was exploring coloured playdough. It made me realise that I hadn’t yet set up playdough handling at home.

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day where I hadn’t had much sleep.  Frida had woken many times the night before with a cold, so I  was tired and lacking in imagination. I thought it would be as good a time as any to make some and see what she thought.



I adapted a few recipes I found online to make a very basic dough (see below). I was almost out of plain flour so I used wholemeal which worked fine. I wanted to keep the dough plain for now, but in future I will adapt this to add food colouring / glitter / dried petals / essential oils.

Baby-friendly playdough

Mix together the ingredients (combining dry with wet) to form a smooth dough which is neither crumbly nor sticky. Store in a jar or tupperware.

  • A quarter cup of water
  • A cup of flour
  • A quarter cup of salt
  • A teaspoon of oil (I used olive)

She seemed to like poking it and pulling little bits off. Surprisingly, none went into her mouth, though I was careful to do this activity after she had eaten and breastfed!


I have stored the dough in a jar and hoping it will keep for the next few days so we can reuse it. This activity was so quick to set up (less than three minutes) and can be pulled together from the most basic of store cupboards. It would also be fun for older children to make themselves, perhaps using a picture recipe.

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