This morning I set up an art activity for Frida. One of her second cousins has a third birthday coming up so I thought it would be nice if he received a card from her as well as from us.


I originally gave her a couple of felt tip pens, showed her how they worked, and watched to see if she would try to make marks on the card. No, in short! Instead she simply tried to suck the ink. 

I then thought we would make some handprints together with child-safe paint, and she could  do some finger painting. She seemed to find this more enjoyable, though her attention span for this activity was very short.
Still, she managed to make a nice card to send, and she really enjoyed having the paint washed off her hand afterwards which hugely surprised me. 

I think it’s important that I keep offering her this kind of activity to try, even if so far her reception has been fairly lukewarm. I am sure she will enjoy it soon enough. 

Next time maybe I will try to do painting when she is less in need of a nap! In hindsight I should also have protected the walls… 

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