Today Frida had her first experience of a sandpit. I must say I was slightly apprehensive – I actually really dislike them and find the thought of getting grubby sand everywhere very off-putting (I can’t be the only one, can I?). However. That’s not Frida’s problem, it’s mine, and not a good reason to deprive her.

As sensory experiences go sand is so good – both tiny and vast, hard and soft, wet and dry. Perfect for crawling in and touching and building.

We went on the spur of the moment with some friends to the sandpit on Tooting Common, so she wasn’t really wearing appropriate clothing. She seemed to really like it though, crawling around in the sunshine (when not trying to steal her friend’s socks) and doing lots of touching.

She was slightly confused by the texture of the cold damp sand at first but got over it very quickly. I was pleased and surprised that she didn’t try to eat any sand though I’m sure lots was accidentally swallowed. I’m just telling myself it’s good for her immune system…
I will definitely be taking her back – maybe wearing a puddle suit rather than woolly socks  though! – as it was a lovely free sensory activity for her. There were also lots of older babies and children for her to observe which is a bonus as she adores watching them. 

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