I feel so lucky to be living in London. Yes it’s eye-wateringly expensive, polluted, and there is crime. But it’s a brilliant city for families with free world-class museums and art galleries, as well as huge numbers of parks, commons, playgrounds and woods. 

However it isn’t always easy for families to get out and about in London – buses can be crowded, which makes it tricky of you are travelling with a buggy. And travel can be expensive too, especially for families living further out from the centre. 

I’ve written a blog post for the Family Friendly London coalition where I write that the new Mayor for London will need to make transport for families more accessible – you can read the full post here: http://familyfriendlylondon.org.uk/2016/02/29/out-and-about-in-london/ 


I tend to get around the problem of buses and non-accessible tube and rail stations by using a sling. I mostly use a Connecta as it’s ergonomic, comfortable and very easy to use, but I also use a Didymos woven wrap and a Bykay ring sling. 

I would recommend baby wearing to anyone – it has a whole range of benefits for both parents and children (slings are not just for newborns and small babies). There are many brilliant local sling libraries which are a good place to start if new to baby wearing, and there are also websites which do online hire. 

If you live in London don’t forget to vote in the Mayoral elections on May 5th! 

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