I woke up this morning with no plans for the day, a rare treat. The weather was set to be drizzly and we’ve visited parks the last two days in a row, so I thought we would mix it up a bit and head to the Science Museum. 

The Science Museum is really great for children. There are so many interactive displays and activities on offer, and I know it’s a place we will keep returning to as Frida gets older.  

We got there and headed straight to the basement where there is a room called the “garden room” (I have no idea why as there are no plants!) It’s aimed at 3-6 year olds but it very suitable for babies and toddlers too. The best bit is the huge water-play table, complete with waterproof aprons for the children. This area is always busy but Frida loved watching the older children playing and was even stoical about getting the odd splash.  

As well as the water play area there are big foam bricks, a climbing frame, a free-play area, a mirror section, and a sensory play section with different noises and instruments and lights and holes to peer through.  

   She loves the garden room but after a while it can get quite overwhelming as its busy and hot and noisy. 

After a quick lunch (their cafe has plenty of high chairs which is great, it can be quite stressful otherwise) I took her upstairs where it was quieter to wander around a bit. I am never sure what the right balance is between keeping her in the sling and showing her displays and letting her crawl around, but today after she had been in the sling for a while I let her down and allowed her to lead me without me guiding her or interfering.  

       It turns out what she really wanted to do was to tower over everyone in the main hall, via a detour to look at the first-floor coffee bar, and lots of waving and chatting to people.  She stood there for ages looking down, occasionally shouting at people to try and get their attention.

She is so bold at the moment. I love watching her charge off and explore. 

 Her socks, dungarees and hands were filthy. But she looked so pleased to have had an adventure, and I love swapping places with her and letting her lead me. 

I will definitely be doing this again with her in different museums and galleries; it’s all about finding a quiet spot where she won’t get trodden on. 

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