Frida’s first haircut

I had tried everything. Every clip, hair band, Alice band, hair grip; Frida pulled each of them out of her hair with growing speed. Her hair was getting SO long to the point that it no longer felt fair to do nothing about it.  

So I decided that the time had come to finally cut her a fringe. I waited until she fell asleep in bed and then pounced with a pair of scissors I, ahem, found in the kitchen drawer.  


She has seemed pretty happy about it; it must be nice for her to no longer have to look out onto the world through a curtain of hair! I now feel horribly guilty that I didn’t do this weeks ago.



2 thoughts on “Frida’s first haircut

  1. I love her “da” [yes] reply!
    Ophelia has started picking up the hairbrush and trying to brush her own hair – so sweet 🙂


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