DIY chalk board wall 

I have been wanting to put a toddler size chalk board wall up for a while, but like all the other DIY our house desperately needs doing I managed to put it off. However with Frida’s first birthday just days away I suddenly felt the motivation to get it done. 

Our house is not very big (under 1000sqft) so I am keen to try and make our space as multi-functional as possible. I have written before about my attempt to make our dining room more baby and toddler friendly, and it made sense to put the chalk board wall in there as this is the room where Frida will do arts and crafts. It is also bright and sunny with doors onto the garden, and the hole which goes through to the kitchen means I can keep an eye on activities whilst I cook or do chores. 

Here is the finished result! It was so quick to do:

  1. Give the wall where you are planning to paint a wipe down, and use masking tape to create a border.
  2. Apply two coats of chalk board paint using vertical brush strokes, allowing the paint to dry completely between costs.
  3. When dry, rub the entire chalk board with a piece of chalk and then rub it off; this “seasons” the paint and makes it easier to draw on. 

I just need to add a small ledge or pot to keep the chalk and duster at child-height, and I would also like to put some low art above her shelves. Any justification for a trip to IKEA…

I’m really pleased with how it looks and I think it makes the space look more appealing and child-focused. I am looking forward to Frida showing an interest in drawing on it!   


3 thoughts on “DIY chalk board wall 

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