I was in early labour for four days before Frida was born, so it makes sense that we should be celebrating her birthday over the course of a week!

To kick things off we threw an afternoon tea for a few family members. I baked a haphazard lemon cake, which went wrong in many different ways because I refuse to consult recipes, and assembled a few decorations; some flower garlands, a banner, and photos of Frida when she was tiny as place settings. 

We all squashed around our too-small table and drank tea, and champagne from paper cups.It was such a lovely afternoon and Frida was thoroughly spoilt by her family. I feel so lucky that Frida is surrounded by a wonderful family who love her.

A few photos below:   



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3 replies on “The start of the birthday celebrations

  1. Oh what a lovely way to celebrate her first year! Absolutely lovely photos and decor! Well done to you and your husband too- you guys did it! You made and grew a tiny baby into a gorgeous little girl.

    May the week of celebrations be awesome and may Frida always be happy and mighty.

    Lots of love

    Joy and Ollie ♡

  2. What a lovely start to the birthday celebrations! I adore the idea of placing newborn photos on the table as decorations! Your Frida reminds me so very much of my Alice, who was also born April 2015. I really enjoy following along via your blog and instagram, thank you for sharing.

    –Catharina (cookatie on instagram)

    1. Thanks Catharina! I loved choosing photos of her when she was tiny to reminisce over. I’m sure Frida and Alice would get on well! X

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