The last few weeks have been so busy so apologies in advance for the long post as I try and catch up! 

Last week I had a four-day training course to finish my Hypnobirthing teacher training, which meant Frida had four full days of daddy day care. Both my husband and I were very slightly nervous as Frida had never gone a whole day without having breast milk before. However we now feel ridiculous for worrying because she had an amazing time with her dada and didn’t miss me one bit. She napped in the sling, drank lots of water, and ate a bit of food. 

They spent most of their time in various parks around the city, where Frida exhausted herself (and her dad) crawling, climbing, swinging, sliding, pointing st birds and ducks and dogs, and kissing other children in the park.

It felt so good to be an adult for a few days and think about something other than just Frida. I’m also really excited about starting to teach – it’s a huge change from my old job, working as a senior press officer in the civil service. Much as it was a great job, it wouldn’t have fit in around Frida, and although the decision to hand in my notice kept me up at night for weeks, I am certain it was the right thing to do. Frida will only be young once, and I’m looking forward to starting a business that I’m truly passionate about. I will share some more details and my new work website with you when it’s finally finished (this weekend I hope!)

I’ve been very quiet on the blog front because I’ve had lots of preparation and assignments to do for my course, but Frida is continuing to blow us away on a daily basis.

We spend a lot of time each day looking at the birds and the foxes in our garden; we are visited by magpies, wood pigeons, crows, starlings, and many big foxes, one of whom sleeps in the sunshine at the back of the garden every afternoon. She is enthralled by wildlife. By the door to the garden is her favourite place to be.

She is saying more and more words, and tries to copy everything we say. New ones include “pepper”, “owl”, “ear / eye” and “moo” (though her elocution needs some work).

She’s starting to – finally – eat a little bit more food. We did baby-led weaning so there’s been no rush, and no stress, but I can’t help but feel a little bit pleased when she eats some of the lovingly prepared food I offer her rather than just squishing it between her fingers. There is a lot of joy in squishing.

She is so sociable. She loves public transport where she can make friends with whoever is sitting nearby, turning round to chat, wave, and, um, stroke their legs (sorry to the patient teenager on the 42 bus in Brighton). 

She loves babies and children, and points and shouts “bubba”at them wherever we go. It’s quite funny watching her call big kids coming back from school bubba. Recently she was so full of kisses for a friend of ours’ four month old little boy that it almost, almost, made me broody. 

She is still obsessed with books. Current favourite include “One Fish Two Fish” (especially the page with the sheep – “baa baa!”), “Mog and the Baby” (I honestly think we have read this easily over a hundred times – all cats in the street are now “muh” for Mog), and “Dear Zoo” where she likes to hiss at the snake, and make the page with the frog jump up and down.

She’s also discovered the chalk wall I painted for her and I will sometimes find her sitting by it, drawing. 

My husband and I are both really, really enjoying parenting Frida at the moment. She is just such a delight and watching her grow into a little girl makes me so happy. 

This weekend we are finally going to try and spend some much needed down time as a family and enjoy the bank holiday. Have a great one! 

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