For her first birthday Frida received a 3-in-1 Mini Micro Scooter from her grandparents. I spoke to friends who had used these with their older children and they all recommended them so enthusiastically that we thought Frida would probably enjoy one.

We liked that the scooter comes with a little removable seat, and a small bar perfect for little hands (it also comes with a bigger “T” bar for when she’s older – it says it is suitable from 1-5). When she tried it at home she seemed interested at first but a bit unsure as to how to actually use it. 

Yesterday I thought she might enjoy it more if we used it outdoors, so we went onto the pavement outside our house to give it a go. Our street is on a slight hill so I thought the slope would help her and show her how the scooter works. 

Frida was so excited to be able to move, quickly and independently, outside. She’s not walking yet (though I don’t think it’s too far away) so it must be nice for her to be able to explore our neighbourhood more freely. 

We went out just at the time when children were coming out of the local primary school, so she saw lots of big kids on their own scooters which made her very happy.

She is just getting keener by the day to do things herself, and is in a particularly sensitive period for gross motor skills at the moment (as evidenced by her constant desire to climb the stairs and the speed at which she is now cruising around furniture) so anything we can do to facilitate that seems to me to be a positive. 

I have ordered her a helmet so that we can go on some adventures to the park. I’ve also ordered a strap so I can carry it easily when she inevitably gets bored of it. 

Thank you grandma and grandpa! 

Very wobbly and over-enthusiastic video below for posterity:

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