For once, this is a post about me, not Frida. Except of course everything about me is now inextricably interwoven and bound together with her. She is my raison d’etre, the driving force and the energy behind all of the decisions which I have made of late.

As I mentioned previously, I have retrained. Changed careers. Jumped ship. Decided to leave the security and benefits (oh so many benefits!) of working for the civil service in order to forge something for myself, to do something I really believe in, something which will enable me to be as involved as possible in Frida’s life as she grows up. 

So I have set up Good Birth, and I will teach Hyonobirthing birth and parenthood preparation classes. I feel so strongly that birth can and should be a positive experience for women, regardless of the path that birth takes, and feel so excited to be helping couples make their own good birth stories. 

I’m also training as a doula, adding that to the ways in which I can help mothers and couples ease into birth and parenthood. And I’m currently looking into extra breastfeeding training as I would love to support mamas to have a positive feeding journey.

I’m terrified by the responsibility which now weighs on my shoulders – being self-employed means it’s now all down to me. I’m also daunted by how much work I will need to put in if I am to make this a success; marketing, planning, training, keeping up to date with all the latest research and articles; teaching. All whilst trying to throw myself into my mothering to meet the high energy of my whirlwind daughter. But I am so excited to be giving it a go. 

You can help me by sharing my website ( with anyone you know who is pregnant or thinking of having a baby. Although I’m based in London I’ll be blogging on that site about all things birth and fourth trimester, so do check in from time to time. 

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