Frida is a child who loves animals. And I mean really loves them. If she’s sad and a bee flies past – wham, smiles. A cat walking down the street? Best. Thing. Ever. Don’t get me started on ducks and geese…

Because of this love of animals there is no better place for Frida at the moment than a city farm. We have taken her to Deen City Farm by Morden Hall Park (our favourite place) a number of times, so I thought we’d try a different one, and we headed to Vauxhall.

When going to a farm it’s very important to wear appropriate clothing, in this case a dress with ducks on. This dress gets chosen a lot, perhaps unsurprisingly! 

Now Frida can walk independently she is able to interact with spaces so differently. She seems much happier to potter off and do her own thing.
Vauxhall City 

Her absolute favourite activity was hand washing, and we stayed at this sink for a good 10-15 minutes. Every time I asked her if she was finished she would say “no!”. 

Vauxhall City Farm is brilliant. There are: goats, alpacas, sheep, all of which you can feed. Donkeys, horses, pigs. Chickens, a turkey, and lots of ducks. Small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, degus. 

Frida very bravely fed a goat and now will hold her hand out to you flat if you ask her to show you how to feed a goat. 

It also has a great, pleasant cafe, with good coffee and delicious gluten-free cakes, as well as tasty looking proper meals. Because entry is free I don’t begrudge paying for tasty snacks. 

I really recommend the farm for toddlers; in fact, we’ve already been back once with friends.

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