I have finally done a bit of (very overdue!) toy rotation in Frida’s room. As Frida has gotten older I’ve found that I’ve naturally rotated her toys less, as she’s played with things in new ways, and has also focused on gross motor skills and language acquisition rather than on materials so she’s gotten bored less quickly.

That said, her shelves were definitely due a bit of a refresh, so last night I took fifteen minutes to rearrange things a little. I also added a little container of kinetic sand to her art shelves.

I’ve noticed that Frida is more and more into “free” play and art and gross motor activities like climbing at the moment, rather than puzzles and more structured activities. Her shelves definitely reflect this – there are very few “classic” Montessori materials out for her at the moment.

Whilst her room is still relatively tidy, I thought I would make a little video to show you around as I never actually got round to doing a blog post on her bedroom.

This is my first “blog video” (as opposed to little snaps of Frida I’ve shared with you) and, to my shame, it’s not at all edited, so please excuse any repetition and the poor lighting!

I’m not sure about using video – what do you lovely people think? Should I do more or just stick to written blog posts? I love getting your feedback, it really helps!

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  1. What a beautiful, calm, uncluttered space! And I loved the video format too! I meant to ask you after the house tour you shared the other week, I would love to know if/how Frida has access to your kitchen as I don’t think that was really mentioned.

    1. Thanks Linda! I can promise you it’s not always calm 😉

      Frida does have access to our kitchen, although it’s small (you can just see it in the photo of our dining room – we cut a hole between the two rooms) so sadly it isn’t set up in a very Montessori-friendly way. I’d love a big kitchen with space dedicated to practical life! She does often sit on the counters next to me and watch or help me cook, but I didn’t think it was worth sharing really as it’s not a very inspirational space! Xx

      1. Thanks Eloise. I did spy the kitchen through the opening and what I could see looked lovely. Even if the space is not strictly Montessori, it would be interesting to see how you do make the space child-friendly (and safe). I have my kitchen gated off (although my daughter could climb over the bench if she wanted to) as I’m still paranoid about all the dangers! I want her to help and do give her opportunities, but find it stressful when she gets into everything!

  2. Oh I very much enjoyed the video, Eloise!
    Feel free to do some more if you feel like it, I am sure your readers would love to see more of them too!

    Frida’s room is so beautiful. I love the fact that you use the seasons to inspire how to set up the room for her. So many gorgeous materials!

    I am starting to feel inspired to change O’s nursery (which he has never slept in LOL) into a little boy room for him. Buying a bed seems like such a big step seeing as we’ve bed shared since birth too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us <3

  3. So inspiring. Thanks a lot. I like the video format very much. I want to get to decluttering! Do you have any tips? Just shed everything you don’t use and so on? I might need some more closet space, because we have so many toys, but just the way you put them out here brings much clarity.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello! I try to keep on top of her toys, storing those which she’s not currently using. I love using open shelves with small baskets for toys, rather than big boxes or bins, as it forces me to have an allocated space for all her toys (so it’s easy to find stuff and then put it away). I think Frida also finds it reassuring that her toys are always in the same place – it builds and reaffirms her sense of order. Xx

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you might share where you purchased all of the round baskets? I’m having a hard time finding matching sets! What a beautiful space you have created for your daughter! So inspiring!

    1. I know this is a really annoying answer but I bought them in a little independent shop in the East Dulwich area of London. It took me ages to find some! Sorry… X

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