We’ve all been laid up indoors for the last few days as the whole family has caught a nasty bug that’s been going round. My mum and my mother-in-law have both been a huge help, looking after Frida whilst my husband and I were stuck in bed, making me feel very lucky that we have family relatively close by. 

This afternoon I wanted some simple activities to do with Frida, as I am still too unwell to take her out. She is starting to show a real interest in “practical life” work such as sweeping (we bought her a small cleaning set so she has materials her own size) so I thought we would try mopping today – anything which leads to a cleaner house has got to be good! 

I moved her rug out of the way, gave her a bowl of water, and demonstrated what to do. Frida seemed to enjoy the process of mopping, though of course the real joy came from having a bowl of water to play with.

The kitten was also very interested in what was happening! He is not at all scared of water and likes to look over the edge of the tub when I have a bath.

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