Frida asked me for a drink of oat milk this evening, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to set up a pouring practical life activity.

I tried to take a photo of how I set it up, but Frida was so impatient to get pouring that I couldn’t take one! I just set up a tray with a jug of milk, a small cup, and a cloth for wiping spills. (Again, my photos for this post are pretty dark – this is the problem with taking photos of activities set up during British autumn evenings!)

I demonstrated first how to pour by holding the handle with one hand, and supporting the bottom of the jug with the other hand. 

Frida definitely understood how to pour, though her aim wasn’t 100% accurate and we had a spill at the beginning. I think the jug we have is still a little bit big and heavy for her – I really need to find a smaller jug for her to practice I think. 

Frida also found it quite difficult to stop at the right level – hence more spills – but for me this highlights why it’s so important for her to practice! Mess making is very much allowed and encouraged in our house, as how else will she learn how to judge for herself if we don’t let her do it alone? We just make sure we model cleaning up afterwards, and provide Frida with the tools to do the same.?

We are trying to give her more of her drinks at home in open cups, especially at mealtimes (out and about we still use a Klean Kanteen sippy). 

Although this cup is not the most Montessori (!), Frida adores her “little otopus cup”. I need to find some more small tumblers for her – I feel an IKEA trip in the pipeline! Any recommendations? 

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