Our current “theme” for Frida’s main shelves at the moment is bugs, so I thought it would be a fun idea to take a bug viewer to our outdoor playgroup and look for some bugs.

Despite looking very hard (and some admirable calls of “oh bugs! Where are you?” from Frida), we couldn’t find any! Why is it that when you really don’t want to find a bug there’s a spider in your bed or a wood louse in the kitchen, but when you’re looking for them they are nowhere to be seen?

Undeterred, I dug for some worms, and found a couple of lovely little ones for the children to look at. 

Frida is at a stage at the moment where she likes to look at bugs, but isn’t very keen on touching them, so a bug viewer is the perfect way to examine them without her getting nervous.

I think a lot of adults grow up disliking bugs (myself included), so I’m keen to encourage Frida to see them for the fascinating creatures they are.

If you’d like to see what else is on Frida’s bug-themed shelves, please check back tomorrow as I’ll be posting about them then.

Peering at the worms
Looking for bugs

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2 replies on “Outdoor playgroup: Looking at worms 

  1. That is fascinating, Eloise!

    It is hard to let go of our own fears/phobias/discomforts but it is so important as well. I am trying to learn to give things a go even if they are things I wouldn’t necessarily try usually as I think I shouldn’t impart my hang ups (too much) on O.
    Your blog and Instagram snaps help me tremendously – so Thank you 🙂

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