Happy December!

I have updated Frida’s seasonal shelf in her bedroom, and wanted to share it with you. Although I know it’s not technically winter yet from a meteorological perspective, if we go by the calendar I think it’s justified! 

The books on her winter shelf are: 

  • The Snowman;
  • Winter (Gerda Muller);
  • Robin’s Winter Song (Suzanne Barton);
  • The Winter Hedgehog (Ann and Reg Cartwright);
  • Winter (from the Shirley Hughes Nursery Collection – everyone should own this!); and 
  • Around The Year (pictured open, Elsa Bekow). 

I’ve decorated with:

  • a playsilk;
  • a Holztiger hedgehog and part of a Grimm’s stacking cave;
  • some locally foraged holly;
  • two handmade felt and wool gnomes; 
  • a Grimm’s gnome decoration;
  • pinecones;
  • a tea light holder;
  • a Holztiger evergreen tree and robin; 
  • a skiing figure and old Christmas tree decoration from Tiger; and
  • a tiny wooden house from my childhood (!)

I think there’s something nice about having some books for each season. A lot of Frida’s favourite books are about nature, and also have a strong seasonal element. 

We haven’t put up any other festive decorations in the house yet. Our family is not religious, but we will be lighting candles for Chanukah and putting up a (small, fake – oh the perils of kitten ownership!) Christmas tree, and giving gifts to Frida and our families. I’ve ordered some books on both of these festivals for Frida which I’ll share with you when they arrive. 

Do you try and discuss the seasons with your child? What are your favourite winter books and traditions?

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