For Christmas / Chanukah (we are not religious but will be celebrating both as my family celebrates Christmas and my husband’s celebrates Chanukah), we have bought Frida:

  • Four books
  • Two wooden animals 
  • A Schleich horse family 
  • A felt playmat 
  • Some simple figures 
  • Stickers 

Frida will be 20 months at the time. We had also ordered her a balance bike, but it looks like it won’t be here in time for Christmas (insert annoyed face emoticon here) so she’ll have to wait for it, which is no bad thing as we’re worried about her being a bit overwhelmed by all the new things. 

She will be getting a stocking on Christmas morning, which you can read about here

We haven’t decided yet if we’re going to give her everything at once, or if we’ll spread her gifts out over the eight days of Chanukah, which happens to start on Christmas Eve this year. 

For a closer look at the items we bought, keep reading! 

Panda & polar bear book + Holztiger panda and polar bear 

I thought this would make a fun story set. Frida’s Holztiger collection is growing and I think she will get use out of them for years to come. 

Brilliant birds

Frida already has “Wild Animals” (sometimes published as British Animals) and “Animals” in the same series. I feel confident that she will love this book – it’s so big and packed with wonderful drawings.

Schleich horse family 

Frida adores her Schleich farm animals, especially her sheep family – she really enjoys that there is a daddy, mummy, and baby. I thought these would make a happy addition to her collection, and my guess is that this will be her favourite gift. 

The story orchestra 

We don’t tend to buy electronic toys, but this book is the one exception to the rule. It has a short clip from Vivaldi’s four seasons on each, beautifully illustrated, page. 

Felt play mat

This is much smaller than perhaps it looks – around 30cm long. Frida is really getting into imaginative play, and I hope this will make a nice backdrop for her animals and figures.

199 things under the sea

Yes, another animal book! This looks brilliant for expanding her vocabulary (and mine)! 

Simple figures

As Frida enters into more and more imaginary play, we thought these would make a sweet addition to her toy rotation, and to her seasonal displays. They are small so perfect for taking with us when we go on a journey.


Frida enjoys stickers, and I liked that these have a seasonal theme. 

So that’s it! I’m almost finished wrapping too (everything is being wrapped in newspaper – easy to tear and no waste!). I’m really looking forward to the festive season this year, as I think Frida is old enough to kind of get it, and my sister in law is getting married a few days after Christmas, so I think the whole week is going to feel very lovely. 

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5 replies on “What’s under our tree? 

  1. I like what you have selected for her! Will she receive gifts from extended family as well (grandparents, aunts and uncles…)? If so, do you give guidelines to the family (for example that you prefer wood toys over plastic or electronic ones)?

    The story orchestra is on my wishlist too! It looks lovely! Will you please tell us if Frida enjoys it? My daughter is 15 months old, and I’m wondering if she might be too young to be introduced to this book.

    1. She will be getting gifts from family too. We’re very lucky – they all are aware of our preferences for the kinds of toys and books that Frida receives. Eg. my mum has bought her lovely books, my parents in law have ordered a Wobbel board (she’s going to LOVE it), my dad has bought her a bird matching game, my sister in law ha bought her Grimm’s semi circles to extend her rainbow… So yes, very lucky! X

  2. These gifts are so lovely! I am sure Frida will love them all. You have very good taste!

    How amazing that your families are so in tune with your preferences for Frida. I am always scared we might come across as ‘fussy’ if we mention our preferences. Any suggestions on how to tackle that in a gentle way without offending anyone?

    After Christmas, would you mind sharing with us the titles of these books she’ll be getting? I am total book freak and I’m always on the lookout for new title ideas/recommendations.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!


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