Frida is 20 months today! I’ve been keeping a note of some of the things she’s been saying over the last month, as I know i’ll forget them otherwise. 

Here is my round up at 19 months. 

I am loving how chatty and funny she is. Language is still definitely the thing that she seems to get the most pleasure and joy from, and it’s very lovely to have long, meandering, bizarre conversations with her. Her memory continues to astound me, and I just find her such a joy to hang out with (ahem, when she’s not tormenting the cat). 

Here are some of the things she’s been saying which have made me smile: 

I love how she makes up words, like “incing” (moving like a spider). Looking at some crabs on Attenborough: “Crabs incing like a spider!”. She also has a word “knee-upping” which apparently means slipping. 

Playing with her Schleich pig and piglet: “Piglet having his mummy booboo… He’s too snotty! Snotty kiss.” *Makes their snouts touch* (this was following a particularly horrid cold when my husband and I had to perform many similar “snotty kisses”, and I’ve seen her repeat this with her donkeys and sheep too).

Grabbing us: “Family cuddle. Daddy kiss mummy. Mummy loves daddy. Frida loves you.”

“That’s not yours.” 

There has been a big uptake in the demands we get for “medicine Calpol” and “medicine chocolate”. I tell Frida we only have calpol when we’re ill, which is met by cries of “Frida’s ill” and lots of fake coughs.

Frida has taken to asking “is it normal?” – I’m not sure she entirely gets what normal means – and I once was talking to her about mustard yellow: “Mustard yellow? Not normal yellow!”

“Mummy, sing kitten song! Sing it!” (I make something up) “Keep singing all day long!”

Eating a yoghurt: “what’s in it… Raspberry! Strawberry! What’s on it… One white heart!” When finished: “Put it in the bin… It’s rubbish! Mummy take it away.” 

She is really interested in opposites, and spends a lot of time talking about high / low, loud / quiet, old/ young, soft/ hard, narrow/wide.

Trying to stand up slices of cheddar: “Frida’s building a skyscraper! Like Mrs Thomas!” (Mog and the Granny fans will understand…) 

Asking me to get something for her: “Mummy use her legs! Mummy get it!” 

Her favourite words at the moment are commotion, harassing, and gorgeous.

Looking at me with a big smile: “Mummy’s nice… Sometimes.”

Sometimes she gets muddled up with you and me and shouts “Help you! Help you!” when she means help me.

In the car, looking at her mouth filled with oatcake in the mirror: “Amazing!” I asked, what’s amazing? “Frida’s mouth!”

With a wooden horse head sculpture in a garden centre: “Feeding horse. Feeding him stones. He loves stones! He loves food!”

Playing with her Schleich sheep and her rainbow: “Sit down to lunch! Absolutely not! Get down from there!”

And finally, one bedtime, the heavily, heavily abridged version:

“Frida wants Frida’s water”… *takes tiny sip, puts it down*… “More water please”… *takes tiny sip, puts it down*… “Frida wants her nice, cold water”… *repeat 3462 times*


“Oh medicine calpol! Oh medicine chocolate! Frida’s ill.” 

“You’re not ill darling it’s night time, go to sleep”


“Frida does not have beard. Daddy has one. Goodnight daddy, see you later!”

“You already said good night to daddy Frida, it’s sleep time now”


“Albus is miaowing.”

“No he’s not, it’s sleepy time”

(Quiet, then Albus miaows)

“Albie is miaowing! Let him in, let him in!”

“Frida it’s nighttime now, good night)


*whispering under breath* “lemur, lemur, robin, tit, lemur*


“Don’t know where Lisa is?”

“Lisa is in her home, sleeping, it’s night time”

“Lisa is in her home? Lisa is in her bed? Oh Lisa!”

“Good night Frida”


*sits up, lies on my head*

“Albie has a nice mouth. Albie has nice paws. Sharp”

(Immediate deep sleep) 

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  1. She’s utterly adorable. I love reading about her development and all those amazing language skills!


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