Frida and I did some baking this morning. I’ve got yet another virus, and so wanted to do something which would allow us to stay indoors and keep Frida engaged (and, um, satisfy my craving for something with chocolate). 

Frida was involved in every step of the baking process, and it made me realise how many different skills she was practicing during that time. 

Chopping and mashing the banana

Frida is used to using her crinkle cutter to chop things, so this was an easy job for her. What was less easy for her was not eating the whole banana as she did it! We only had one, otherwise I would have suggested she eat as much as she wanted. She probably ate a quarter which was fine. 

For mashing, we need a better implement – the potato masher was a bit too big, and mashing with the back of a fork was not very appealing for her. She did manage to do some though, and the lumps just add to the charm! 

Pouring, scooping, stirring and mixing 

Frida was able to then pour in melted butter, and eggs (she tried to help crack these but got a bit frustrated), then do some mixing! She was so happy mixing everything together, it was obviously hugely satisfying for her. 

I have to confess here – I don’t own kitchen scales. If I follow a recipe, I tend to do it by eye, and I rarely follow a recipe. Most of the time that’s fine, but it’s always a gamble! When Frida is a little older I’ll buy scales and follow recipes with her as I think it’s an excellent way of learning about maths, but for today Frida was able to help with haphazard scooping of flour, sugar, and cocoa powder (I did the baking powder as I didn’t want her to add too much). 

Adding in the chocolate (a lesson in self-restraint!) 

The chocolate was obviously the most exciting part for Frida, and although she was supposed to be helping me break it up into pieces I suspect more eating than breaking happened. She did break a couple of bits and managed to restrain herself to just eating a couple of small pieces before adding it to the mix. 

Spooning the mixture to transfer it 

I demonstrated for Frida how she could use a spoon to slowly transfer the mixture from the bowl to the silicon cake “tin”. I think she did a great job! I finished off by scraping the last bits in. 

Cleaning up – wiping the counter, washing hands 

Frida was very keen to wipe the counter down – this is something she is used to doing, and was enthusiastic about it! She also washed her hands at the sink which she enjoys. 

Enjoying her hard work!

This is not the kind of food we eat every day, but I think a small piece of cake was very well deserved. Perfect with a cup of tea too! 

I love baking with Frida and should definitely do it more often. I think next time it’ll be something a bit healthier though! 

What are your favourite recipes to cook with toddlers? 

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