Montessori coat flip 

(Well, in this instance, cardigan flip.)

The coat flip is a fantastic trick to help toddlers put on their cardigans and coats independently. I have been demonstrating the Montessori coat flip to Frida for a couple of weeks now but she has shown absolutely no interest in trying for herself. 

Today she finally decided to do it with a cardigan! I demonstrated it to her and laid it out for her. You can see her doing it in this video:

Did you notice at the end she immediately started to take her cardigan off? Frida is still not loving putting her clothes on, and it still can feel like a struggle to get cardigans, coats, and shoes on her. It means a lot of slow starts, as unless we absolutely have to be somewhere I try to give Frida all the time she needs to be ready to go outside.


4 thoughts on “Montessori coat flip 

  1. Haha we were just talking about this today (watching Ophelia struggling to put her own coat on) as this is exactly what they taught the children in Thomas’ nursery last year! He still loves to demonstrate it. I should get him to teach Ophelia – she keeps putting her arms into the wrong sides!


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