Toddler art: stamping with ink 

Frida often does some sort of art activity in the mornings after breakfast, whilst I clear away the dishes and generally restore some order. 

This morning Frida decided to work with her ink stamping set. Ink stamping is a great art activity for toddlers – it strengthens the hand and arm muscles, requires coordination, and develops those all-important fine motor skills. 

Frida has a stamping set from Melissa and Doug which currently lives on her art shelves, available for her to access at any time. She also has free access to paper supplies. 

I have also seen these stamps presented in a tray, with just a few stamps offered along with paper and the ink, but so far keeping the set together is working well for Frida. She enjoys selecting which animal to use as much as she enjoys the stamping, I think! 

Frida has had these available to her for a good few months now but it’s only recently that she’s been able to reliably make clear stamps. 

I can imagine she will enjoy using letter stamps when she is older and learning how to write. 

These photos were taken early this morning, before we cleaned Frida’s art shelves and wiped down her blackboard, so please excuse the messy background. 

What art activities are your children working on at the moment? 


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