We often go to the farm – last year when the weather was still mild we used to go every other week at least. We haven’t been much recently though as our favourite farm (Vauxhall) has a closed cafe until mid-February, and honestly getting a coffee and relaxing a bit is an important part of the farm trip for me! 

However despite the cold weather the sun was out today, and Frida had been asking to go, so we wrapped up and headed out to meet a dear friend and her little boy there. 

Frida is getting braver and decided to feed the goats all by herself today. She loved using the feed dispenser (great for fine motor skills – slotting the 20p coin, turning the knob, collecting the pellets) and as always, hand washing was a bit hit with both children. 

I’ve shared a few photos – I hope you’ll forgive the indulgence! 

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  1. Lovely pics! Vauxhall was a bit far when we lived in London. I was so amazed by the number of farms in the city and around. Plenty for the children to experience. You make me miss London!

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