Every week I try and take Frida somewhere a bit different, as a change from our local parks and playgrounds and cafes. It could be as simple as going to a city farm, or visiting family in another town, or making the most of London’s many world-class museums and galleries, most of which are free.

This week I had planned to take Frida to visit my sister and nephew who live in Brighton, but when we got to the station (after a big rush to make our train) we found it was cancelled, with more disruptions to follow. As we were already at the station it seemed a shame to go home, so I decided to take Frida to the Tate Britain art gallery.

I love taking Frida to galleries; discussing the works of art with her, asking her what she thinks an abstract piece represents, and seeing which works she is most drawn to. There are many sculptures in the Tate Britain, so we had to have lots of conversations about why we can’t touch them!

We spent a long time lying on the floor looking at two mobiles which were hanging from the high ceiling. I asked Frida if she thought they would be heavy or light, hard or soft, warm or cool, rough or smooth. A group of school children walked past us lying on our backs and seemed very bemused!

Some of Frida’s favourites were a couple of Turner’s later paintings of the sea (Tate Britain has an extensive collection of Turner’s work). As these were high up I had to pick her up a lot to get a good view of them. I might see if I can borrow a book of his work from the library.

The best thing about taking a toddler to galleries and museums is definitely the spaces themselves – so much space to run and explore! I did try to encourage Frida to whisper or at least speak quietly when we were in the galleries proper, but in the cavernous halls she was so delighted by the sound of her voice as she wandered about.

The most important part of any trip for me is, I am ashamed to say, the bit where I can sit down and get a caffeine hit! We spend so much time in cafes that Frida is becoming a real pro at ordering (“Frida wants a babyccino and mummy would like a latte!”) and will happily sit and drink her drink without needing to get up or be distracted.

I feel so lucky to live in a city where we can access this kind of culture for free.

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  1. Oh wow, what a splendid day you two had!

    I must admit I truly miss all the museums and galleries in London. You guys are lucky indeed! I would love to take O exploring some of them sometime soon.

    Ah that has got to be the largest babychino I have ever seen. How cool!!!

    Does F ever get tired of walking when you guys are out? If so, how do you deal with it? Do you still carry her?

    Big love xxx

    1. It was huge!! We are so lucky. I’ve been trying to make the most of living here, it’s so easy to forget to. She does sometimes get tired, if she does I pick her up a for a while. I’m getting quite strong! Because we only use the sling I think her stamina for walking is quite good, and ditto our arm strength 😉 xx

  2. Looks fun! I hardly ever take my son to London, I live in Surrey but could very easily. You have inspired me. I did take him to wonderlab at the science museum a few weeks ago which was awesome. I’m sure you’ve taken Frieda there already!

      1. Yeah it was fantastic. I think I even went on a Saturday and it was fine. Probably better on a weekday first thing though.

        Great interactive exhibits, my son loved exploring them all and he especially loved the slides, as did I!

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