Usually Frida used white card or paper as a background to her art (except of course her backboard). I thought it would make a nice change to present her with black card as it is such a striking material to use.

As this was the first time she had used it I stuck to offering just one contrasting colour, silver, in the form of glitter glue (PVA mixed with loose glitter) and a sharpie. 

Frida immediately loved this! We talked about how her work looked a bit like the night sky, but mostly I think she just found the contrast very pleasing. Despite having had a very busy day with no nap, she had lots of patience for doing this.

She worked on a few different pieces, all using the same materials, for a good chunk of time. She then did need a bath as she was pretty covered in glitter! 

I’ve been really disorganised, but I’m going to start putting together a folder with all of her art work in, properly dated and labelled. “Duplicates” (Frida will often produce several similar pieces in one sitting) can be used as a quick basis for a birthday card or thank you note. 

What are your favourite toddler art materials? 

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  1. My 28 month old loves when we dip flower heads in paint and press them to paper. We use different flowers that we’ve collect on our walks. Geraniums and bachelor button’s make our favorite shapes and patterns.

    Thanks for this art project idea. We’ll try this out this weekend.

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