I’ve done some book rotation, including some books with a summer / seaside / bugs theme. I often just show you a small selection of the books we have out, so I thought I would show you the whole of Frida’s book shelves.

Because it’s June, I’ve updated the seasonal books on the shelf in Frida’s room.

On her shelf she has: Summer / Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature / Summer (from The Nursery Collection) / Flower Fairies of the Summer

When rotating books, I usually try to ensure a balance of current favourites and books we haven’t read for a while, reality-based books and books with an element of fantasy, easy books and ones which are a little more challenging (either because they are longer or deal with more complex topics).

Top shelf: Dogger (MF) / Paddington in the Garden / When We Were Very Young  (MF) / Wild Animals (also published as British Animals) MF) / Out and About: A First Book of Poems (MF) / The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day (MF although there are accompanying sounds)

Middle shelf: 199 Things Under the Sea (MF) / Tiddler / Meg at Sea / The Storm Whale (semi-MF) / British Seashore (MF) / The Blue Whale (MF)

Bottom shelf: Bee: Nature’s tiny miracle (MF) / First Facts Bugs (MF) / 1001 Bugs to Spot (MF) / Look Inside: Your Body (MF) / Summer  (MF) / Eating the Alphabet (MF)

MF = Montessori-friendly, ie. reality based

We also have a basket of library books in our sitting room. I do try to keep these separate just for ease, but in the shelves above I have included a couple of library books. Again, when we go to the library, I usually try to strike a balance when choosing what to borrow (and of course Frida has an opinion too!)

We have also recently started listening to some audio books together, mostly Mog books (by Judith Kerr) and Alfie stories by Shirley Hughes. I would love your recommendations for pre-school age audio books.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Again, I love seeing what you all are reading each season it provides me with ideas. I have been using similar themes when choosing our books and my children love it, not to mention it makes things a little easier when you search the library with certain topics in mind.

  2. Hi there Eloise,

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog very much. I get the sense that your home and time spent with Frida is light, easy going, and enjoyable. Frida is fortunate. I struggle with being very rigid and controlling and have been trying to change my approach to be more laid back/go-with-the flow and fun for the sake of my children (Kate 2yr & Andrew 1yr) and your blog is an inspiration. If possible would you mind sharing how you go about planning Frida’s activities? Do you plan out your week? What does a typical day look like? I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work

    Stephanie Hardy


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