June is here! And so (although I’m currently looking out of the window at rain) I’m declaring it summer in our home.

To celebrate summer over the next few weeks and months we will be:

  • Spending time outside. Hanging out in parks, exploring woods, running through commons, dipping in ponds, paddling in streams and pools, or just pottering around in the garden. I see huge value in returning to local outdoor spaces regularly, so that Frida can see the weekly and seasonal changes to the wildlife, and so we have a few spots which we visit often.
  • Eating (and making) healthy “ice cream” lollies. Anyone who follows me on Instagram (come and say hello!) will know Frida is a big fan of these. I tend to use a mix of whatever fruit / yoghurt / nut butter I have knocking about. Banana, cacao, vanilla, coconut milk, and avocado all make good additions. Great for breakfast when it’s hot, and perfect for snacks. For extra excitement layer two fillings.
  • Making the most of the abundant flowers all around us. I’m talking flower arranging, making garden soup, using our beloved flower cards, flower petal “princess baths”, watching as buds open and bloom, and visiting some formal gardens.
  • Reading some of our favourite summery books. You can find out more about what we’re currently reading here. 
  • Rockpooling! I am really excited to do this with Frida, as we haven’t taken her yet.
  • Swimming. I will admit – I don’t take Frida swimming very often. I’m determined to give her more swimming opportunities, and summer is a good season to get motivated!
  • Eating picnics. Of course. A great practical life activity too – picnic food is often perfect for toddlers to prepare, washing fruit, chopping vegetables, making simple dips, and filling drinks bottles.
  • Growing berries. We’re currently growing a few strawberries and raspberries, and Frida loves going out every morning to check what has ripened and water the plants.
  • Taking regular trips to the seaside for ice-cream, paddling, and seeing friends and family.
  • Camping. I’m not sure if we will get round to doing this this summer, but I would really like to get away for a night or two and take Frida somewhere local to camp, maybe with friends or family.
  • Learning about Italy, before a family holiday at the end of summer. Reading books about Italy, making pizza together, talking about the wildlife, and learning a few words of Italian (and maybe a Campari or two for me…)
  • Taking it slow. Summer for me is not a time for rushing around! Long mornings spent reading books under a tree, painting in the garden, cool afternoon baths, supper in the garden, wandering from park to cafe to paddling pool – that’s pretty much my summer plan.

What about you? What will your summer look like?

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