As a family, we read a lot of books. I aim to take Frida to the library regularly, I read children’s book reviews, greedily soak up recommendations, and love discovering new books to share with her. One of my happiest discoveries has been the Nature Storybooks series, and I have been meaning to share a little bit about the books for a while now.

The Nature Storybooks series is perfect for Montessori and non-Montessori homes alike. Each beautifully illustrated book tells a fact-based story based on one animal.

Some of the stories feature a child learning about and observing the animals with a family member. White Owl, Barn Owl features a little girl building an owl box with her grandfather, Growing Frogs shows a child collecting frogspawn with her mother and growing frogs in a tank, Yucky Worms has a grandmother teaching her grandchild all about how helpful the worms in the soil can be, and Just Ducks! depicts a girl visiting local ducks. Each of these stories is factually correct, and includes lots of information about the habits and biology of each animal.

Other stories are told about the animal themselves, as they go on a journey. Tigress tells the story of a tigress who needs to find a new home for her cubs, The Emperor’s Egg is all how the lengths emperor penguins fathers go to to protect their eggs and chicks, and Tracks of a Panda tells us about a panda and her growing cub.

I love that these books convey factual information through story. They are so engaging for young children. Many of these books have really inspired Frida’s play and imagination. She might be pretending to be the newborn panda cub from “Tracks of a Panda” eating its first bamboo shoots, or making her toy guinea pig make the noises described in “I Love Guinea Pigs“. She has learnt so much effortlessly, and loves to tell us about the different animals we have been reading about.

Frida has been enjoying these books since we discovered them just before she turned two, and she was able to understand the sweet, simple stories and the facts included within the books. The books themselves say they are targeted at children in UK school years 1-4 (so age 5-9) but I certainly think far younger children could enjoy having these books read to them.

I cannot recommend these books enough. Luckily our local library does have a few of these books, but we have happily bought a number of them as they are a joy to read – for us as parents as well as Frida. I have actually learnt quite a lot from them!

Next on the list for us to find a copy of will be Seahorse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea or Caterpillar Butterfly. The back of each book has a list of some of the others in the series, so Frida loves going through, saying which ones she has read, and choosing which she would like to read next.

These books would make lovely gifts, especially when paired with a matching toy animal or two to deepen the play opportunities.

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  1. Oh wow what a great selection you have highlighted, Eloise! Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to have a look at them 😍

  2. We stumbled across just ducks at the library a while back and have loved the series since too. Might not be useful for you as you have a few in the pack already but maybe for other interested readers of your blog; book people do 10 for £11.99 – bargain! They also do 10 cds (same 10 as the book pack) for £6.99 which we listen too in the car.

    1. I would also agree that toddlers would enjoy these books- my girl is 20 m and listens contently to the whole story, regularly asking for ‘more’.

      1. Yes! I think young children are often underestimated in terms of their concentration and ability to understand complex ideas xx

    2. I saw that! What a bargain. Every time I’ve checked the link though it says sold out, otherwise I would have linked to it. Hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon. The series are lovely aren’t they? X

      1. Yes I just found them! I think I must have been looking at an old link 😳 Have ordered them for us too, and I’ll give the duplicates away as gifts! Xx

  3. What great non-fiction books :-* I am still searching for something equal in German language – however, I see it coming, my daughter will learn English with these books 😎 They are so wonderful.

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