I really enjoy picking out gifts for Frida. She is into so many different things at the moment, choices feel potentially limitless. This year I’ve gone for things which I hope will bring her joy through deep play, just as her other toys do.

Our family celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah, so we will be giving her gifts for both festivals. For Christmas, we will be giving Frida one toy and one book under the tree, and a stocking containing some smaller toys. For Chanukah, she will recieve a gift every night for the eight days (though these will also be from family, and not all will be big).

Christmas stocking. In Frida’s stocking she will find:

I loved putting together her stocking and hope that she enjoys it!

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Ostheimer well. This will be Frida’s “tree gift” this year. One of our beloved local gardens has an old well in it, so when I first saw this well many months ago I knew it would make the perfect Christmas gift for her. I am really looking forward to seeing how she uses it in her play.

The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker. I can’t wait for Frida to find this under the tree! This is the second Story Orchestra book; the first (Four Seasons, with music from Vivaldi) has been one of Frida’s constant favourites. The beautiful illustrations and snippets of classical music make for the most enchanting books, and I think she will love this as much as Four Seasons.

Maileg matchbox mice (we went for the “Christmas Mum and Dad Mice” and the “Little Sister Mouse“. Frida will be getting these for her Chanukah gift, along with some chocolate coins as tradition dictates. I have been umming and ahhing about buying these for Frida for a while; they are quite different to the toys we usually buy – and not very Montessori! – but I just know that she will love them.

Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos. Frida, unsurprisingly, has for a long time been interested in Frida Kahlo. She has a good grasp of her life story, and often when we talk about her she asks me about the pets that Frida Kahlo had. I was therefore so delighted to find this book – it looks absolutely perfect! I am really looking forward to Frida opening this for Chanukah so that I have an excuse to read it too.

You may have noticed that we’re not giving Frida many books, considering how much I talk about them! The simple reason is that I tend to buy and give Frida books throughout the year (as I do for myself, ahem). However most of the other children I am buying for will be getting beautiful books rather than toys.

What are you looking forward to gifting your child this year?

I have a couple more wintry posts planned over the next few weeks on how we will be celebrating Christmas as a secular family, and some tips for a greener Christmas. Have you seen my Montessori-friendly gift guide, my list of things to make and do this winter, my Waldorf star tutorial, and my list of winter books we are enjoying

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  1. Lovely selection. Do you wrap the stocking presents? Im not sure if to or not but my lg is almost a year younger than Frida x

  2. I have The Story Orchestra in my 20-month old daughter’s Christmas stocking as well! Wonderful choices!

  3. I am most excited about giving my daughter a Shape and colour Puzzle from Haba. I think she will be most excited about a little pram for her doll though.

  4. I’m excited to gift some Waldorf dollshouse dolls – to go with her tree present which is, unsurprisingly, a dolls house. Also a clay water pipe that makes lovely bird calls when played. Some Lyra colouring pencils and colouring book.

  5. Your commitment to minimalism with presents inspires me! I try hard every year but as you say the possibilities are limitless and I keep being drawn in to ‘one more thing’! Tried to avoid this buy buying early this year and stashing it away but actually this has been worse as it’s given me longer to keep adding to the stash!

    1. It’s so hard isn’t it?! I really know the feeling of “just one more thing” but I’m trying not to give into that feeling. I also tend to buy early on for her so it’s hard not to spot other things! I just keep telling myself that actually, overwhelming her with loads of gifts is doing her no favours – in the moment, or in the future! But there’s a lot of pressure out there to buy buy buy. Tricky one xx

  6. I always love seeing the toys you curate for your daughter. We are also getting the little Grimm’s doll and pram to go with daughter’s dollhouse gift this year! I posted all the things we’re getting daughter this year on my blog: http://unwaveringfable.com/2017/10/31/christmas-gifts-for-the-toddler-who-loves-playing-boo-greeting-everyone-at-the-grocery-store-and-hugging-inanimate-objects/ (also her stocking will have a pair of scissors and some schleich animals)! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. My 28-month-old’s stocking will include a homemade button snake, safety scissors, glitter glue, a milk bottle for her baby doll, and a variety of scoops, tweezers, tongs, and dropper for playing in the kitchen or bathtub.

  8. I can’t wait to give my 3 and 5 year olds their creatimber! I first read about Wobbel boards on your blog last year, so thank you!

  9. Hi, I am really enjoying your posts . I have just ordered some kite paper , looking forward to making stars for our windows . Such a great stocking you have put together for Frida , this is one of my favourite things that we do at Christmas. My youngest daughter is 2 years and 10 months , a very similar age to Frida , so it is really great to see what you guys get up to.
    This year my daughter will be getting some Ostheimer dogs in her stocking such as the Dalmatian and daschund which will go with the set of hairy Maclary books under the tree , we also have a wobbel board which I have read great reviews about.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Ahh we love the Hairy books! What a brilliant idea to give her the dogs. Frida loves her Wobbel board so I am sure it little one will love it too. Enjoy making the stars, merry Christmas xx

  10. I love that your presents are so thoughtful, i’m trying to take a similar approach with my 17 month old and just buy a few well made and well thought through things. This year we’ve got him a book from each of us, a couple of holztiger animals (trying to build a little collection for when he’s old enough) and an Ikea kitchen. Thankfully our family are really good at asking for suggestions so know he’s got some grimms friends, a little wooden bus and some pots and pans coming too.

    I’m a bit stuck for stocking ideas but thinks of raiding Poundland for a few cheap crafty bits for creative play maybe.

    Anyway love love your approach

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