Frida and I have had great fun making simple bird treats today. It’s a perfect practical life activity for a cold, dry winter day.

Bird treats couldn’t be easier to make, and they are simple enough to do with young child (as well as being a great way to help our feathered friends keep well fed during the cold weather).

All you need is:

  • Apples
  • Peanut butter
  • Bird seed
  • String

I cut the apples into rounds, and then threaded the string through each piece and tied it. Frida was then able to spread peanut butter onto each slice (with some help from me with getting enough out of the jar, as this brand of peanut butter is quite thick), dip each slice into the bowl of seed, then place it onto a plate ready for hanging.

We hung these in our garden, but we could also have taken them to a local park – I’m considering making another batch to take with us next time we go. They could also be easily hung from a balcony.

Frida scattered the remains of the bowl of seed whilst I hung the apple slices.

We then curled up on the sofa to read about British birds and animals; a perfect way to finish a lovely activity. I’d love more ideas for simple snacks for our wildlife so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

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5 replies on “Care of animals: making bird treats 

  1. So cute! We did this recently with pinecones instead of apples, but the apples are so cute! How far did you hang them from your house to get birds to come?

    1. I just hung them at the end of the garden near the bird feeder. I think our cat has been scaring most of the birds away as we’ve had far fewer using the bird feeder so far this year, but I’m hopeful some might use the food! X

  2. This is cute and looks interesting activity for kids. I hope you are using peanut butter that isn’t salty… Salt isn’t good for birds.

  3. Cheerio bird feeders are another easy feeder to make with children. Thread Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner or bendy garden wire and then shape and add a string loop for hanging. You can shape the pipe cleaner or wire into all sorts of patterns or link them together to make chains etc.

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