Today is the last Friday before Christmas. My husband has finished work until the new year, I’ve started to it wrap a few gifts, winter solstice has passed, and Frida’s advent calendar is looking decidedly worse for wear. Christmas feels very close now – close enough to justify decorating our home a little.

This morning Frida and I went out to a local green space, armed with a bag and a pair of scissors each, to collect a few snips of foliage to bring some seasonal cheer into our home. Frida was in charge of holly, a task she took very seriously; she is really enjoying using scissors at the moment so I thought this would be a good practical way of her developing her new skill. We then spent a very slow afternoon pottering about the house and displaying some of our greenery.

We finished the day by making pomanders together. If there is a more cheering smell than that of a freshly made pomander I have yet to find it!

A few photos below.

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