We have discovered some beautiful new books recently, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Two of our favourite new additions to our bookshelves are the Hidden Worlds books, Ocean and Forest. Each book is structured in the same way; double-pages with six big fold-out pictures, each containing a line of information about an animal or plant.

The illustrations in these books are are unbelievably beautiful, and the print is so colourful and bright. My photos don’t do the gorgeous quality justice! They are joy to read, for children and parents.

We bought Ocean on the recommendation of my friend Lisa, who knew that Frida is really interested in sea life at the moment. It was an instant success, and Frida asks for it almost every time we sit down to read. We have a lot of fun reading it together, as there is so much in the illustrations to discuss.

We loved Ocean so much that I immediately bought Forest, and it hasn’t disappointed.

We haven’t had these books long, but already they are a firm favourite and I can see us using them for years to come. Although they are simple, they are so beautiful, and the short text leads to so much further discussion, reading, and research.

I can’t imagine any young children not falling hard for these books. They are as perfect for babies and toddlers as they are  for children who are reading by themselves. They’ve definitely been given the Frida stamp of approval!

Which beautiful books are you reading with your children at the moment? 

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