I always find that it gets to a certain point in February – crocuses and snowdrops are popping up everywhere, daffodils are appearing in gardens and by supermarket checkouts, the days are suddenly feeling longer and lighter – when I start to really crave spring. Do you feel it too?

Unfortunately, the weather man tells me there is a (very) cold snap on its way to the UK, but undeterred I’ve been dreaming about spring, and being outdoors more. Now Frida is a little older I would like to try and start a habit of regular nature walks, separate from our usual time outside in parks. I’m thinking more time in local woods for a start, and more of a focus on really slowing down and observing what nature we can see around us, and in time recording those finds through nature journalling.

Although I hope this becomes a year-round habit, for us it makes sense to start in spring when the weather is warmer, as Frida struggles if we are outdoors for too long when it is very cold or windy, especially if there is no cafe nearby!

In my anticipation, I have prepared a little nature walk bag for Frida to take out with her on our walks.

In her bag I have put:

My primary concern was not wanting the bag to be too heavy; I purposely bought her a small toddler size bag (to give you an idea of size it just fits the notebook), as I didn’t want her to get tired carrying too much around.

My thinking is that we will start with this, and then see how Frida gets on. I like the idea of adding her tin of Stockmar paints and a jar for water sometimes instead of crayons, or maybe swapping the books for her Usborne tree and flower cards. I’m also planning on swapping the water Klean Kanteen for a small insulated version to take warm milk or herbal tea on very cold days, though I may carry this so it’s not too heavy for Frida.

Let’s hope spring turns up soon; I’m so ready to feel more sun on my face. I’ve just bought an apple tree and a cherry tree to plant in the garden (that will be our activity for tomorrow afternoon!) and I’ve been thinking about changes we can make to our outdoor space to make it more child-friendly too. I will keep you updated!

PS. Have you seen that I’ve started a Facebook group? It’s called A Beautiful Childhood and it’s designed to be a supportive space to discuss peaceful parenting, Montessori, home education, outdoor play, gentle discipline, open ended toys, beautiful books, and much more. Come and join us! 

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11 replies on “Preparing for Spring: Putting together a nature walk bag

  1. Oh, this is such a great idea. We have pretty much every item you’ve pictured, except the books, which I have just ordered on Amazon. Thank you so much for this inspiration. I’m thinking this is a great way for Mama to get some photography practice on too!

  2. A little optimistic alright! 😀 I’m in Ireland and also preparing for the Beast from the East! But I love this, those books look great, I was looking for just the thing! I would also love one on birds…hopefully next week will bring the Spring we crave! x

  3. Hi! I live in Australia and stumbled across your blog, I love it! I’ve aready order a fair few of the books you recommend. We’re just heading in our Autum and winters months and I love the idea of taking a flask of herbal tea out on walks, such a great idea.

    1. Oh I’m so pleased, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy the recommendations, have a wonderful Autumn xx

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