As a parent, life with a young child can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming. Juggling naps, work, chores, playdates, and setting up pinterest-worthy activities for your child can feel like a challenge – let alone finding time for self care, reflection, and connection. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Creating a strong, dependable family rhythm can:

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm – for you just as much as your children;
  • Increase your child’s feelings of control, reducing their stress levels and related behaviours  – young children thrive on dependability;
  • Allow you to parent with more ease and joy, removing some of the friction in daily life;
  • Provide regular moments of calm and togetherness, even during busy days;
  • Let you focus on what is important to you, including ensuring time for self-care; and
  • Simplify your life, allowing you to let go of things which aren’t helping you reach your goals.

Rhythm is emphatically not about establishing strict routines or schedules; it is there to serve you rather than turn you into its slave. A strong rhythm creates freedom through establishing a flow which feels natural, where everyone knows what comes next.

I truly believe that creating such rhythms for your family can be life-changing. I do not, however, think that one size fits all. All families are different, so it makes sense that each family’s rhythm will be different too.

That is why I am running this two week online course, dedicated wholly to helping you find clarity around what you truly need from your family rhythm, and confidence in crafting it.

To find out more and book onto the course:

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3 replies on “Rhythm in the Home course announced

  1. I have some questions, if you don’t mind :
    – how long will the resources be available (the videos and workbook) ?
    – you say that we can take the course at our own pace, but if I am travelling during this time, will I be able to work on this course weeks later ? I won’t be able to take part in the discussions “live”, is there something else that I’d be missing ?
    – would you mind telling me what is the title of the book that is open on your picture ? 🙂

    1. Hi Lucie! First off, the open book is Out and About by Shirley Hughes. A firm favourite in our home. Re: the course, the workbook will be a PDF for you to download and keep, and I’m planning to keep the videos & group accessible for a couple of months after the course officially finishes. Another mother has booked onto the course who is on holiday for the two weeks, so she will be catching up too. I’m going to keep the group open so participants can share their thoughts and experiences going forward. Hope that answers your questions! Xx

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