The countdown to Frida’s third birthday next week is well and truly on. She is very excited about it (in fact, she has been talking about it constantly since Christmas!) so a few days ago I decided it was high time to pull out the birthday books which have been waiting patiently since last April.

The period of anticipation before a birthday or celebration is so special for young children, and reading special books each year just adds to the sense of excitement and wonder when the day finally comes around.

We are currently reading:

  • How Many Sleeps? (Amber Stewart) This is a sweet book about waiting for a birthday, and the preparation that goes into making a birthday special.
  • Pour mon anniversaire (Christian Robinson) A fun book about a child counting down to their birthday. Is is tomorrow? Is it now? Can I have a pony? (This book is in French!)
  • Alfie and the Birthday Surprise (Shirley Hughes) When his neighbour’s cat dies, Alfie and his family help to cheer him up by planning a surprise party.
  • Angelina’s Birthday (Katharine Holabird) Angelina breaks her precious bicycle, but her friends and family have a special present waiting for her birthday.
  • Moomin and the Birthday Button (Tove Jansson) Moomin thinks his friends have all forgotten his birthday, but have they really?
  • T’choupi fete son anniversaire (Thierry Courtin) T’choupi the penguin has a birthday party with his friends. (This is also in French!)
  • It’s My Birthday (Helen Oxenbury) A sweet simple book listing all the ingredients needed to make a delicious birthday cake.
  • Happy Birthday to You!  (Dr Seuss) A classic, and oh so much fun to read.
  • Happy Birthday, Blue Kangaroo! (Emma Chichester Clark) Blue Kangaroo is sad because he isn’t pink like Lily’s other presents, but sometimes blue is the best.

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As I prepare for Frida’s birthday celebrations, I have been really flicking through The Birthday Book (Druitt, Fynes-Clinton and Rowling) for inspiration. It’s filled with so many craft and other ideas, and I’m sure I will be coming back to it year after year.

Which are your favourite birthday books?

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  1. We love the Helen Oxenbury and Shirley Hughes books. My son also really enjoyed Katie Morag and the Birthdays, Mairi Hedderwick’s illustrations are so cosy.

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