I am delighted to announce another run of my Rhythm in the Home course! The May course sold out in just over a day, which was a lovely surprise, and I know some of you who wanted to join in missed out, so I will be running the course again in June.

Why did I create the course? Because as a parent, life with a young child can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming. Juggling naps, work, chores, playdates, and setting up pinterest-worthy activities for your child can feel like a challenge – let alone finding time for self care, reflection, and connection. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

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Creating a strong, dependable family rhythm can:

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm – for you just as much as your children;
  • Increase your child’s feelings of control, reducing their stress levels and related behaviours  – young children thrive on dependability;
  • Allow you to parent with more ease and joy, removing some of the friction in daily life;
  • Provide regular moments of calm and togetherness, even during busy days;
  • Let you focus on what is important to you, including ensuring time for self-care; and
  • Simplify your life, allowing you to let go of things which aren’t helping you reach your goals.

To read more about the course and book your place: https://fridabemighty.com/workshops/

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