Montessori. Steiner-Waldorf. Forest School. Unschooling. You’ve heard people talking about these approaches. You’ve noticed #waldorfinspired, #natureplay and #montessoriathome. You’ve read a few blog posts, and they all sound good – but you’re still not quite sure what is behind these approaches beyond the beautiful wooden toys, lovingly presented trays, and Pinterest-worthy outdoor crafts.

You want to give your child a beautiful childhood and to make the most of your time with them whilst they are young, but you feel overwhelmed by all the books and blog posts you could read. You’re not sure how you’re supposed to choose an approach – or if you even should choose one! – when they all seem to offer so much.

That’s why I am delighted to be offering A Beautiful Childhood e-course, which is designed to give you a good understanding of a wide range of educational and parenting approaches for young children, as well as practical and achievable ideas based on these philosophies for you to try out at home.

As well as learning how each approach views children, child development, and discipline, you will be given practical ideas around: toys and play spaces, outdoor play, nature study, including children in the practical life of the home, and approaching literacy, numeracy, and science with young children.

This is the course that I wish had been around a few years earlier for me, and I am so very excited about running it.

To find out more and book your place click here. 

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