I’m sure you will have noticed all of the emails over the last few days and weeks asking you to re-subscribe to all sorts of businesses and blogs. This is because as of tomorrow, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force. This means that all businesses, no matter how small, will have to comply with far more stringent data laws.

I will be honest with you – I’ve found this process quite stressful. I am self employed and I only work one day a week, and as such I’ve been quite upset about how much of my precious time has been taken up trying to ensure I am compliant with laws that are complex. It’s really highlighted to me that I no longer work for an organisation who has an expert to deal with things like this, which is both a bit scary and exhilarating.

Anyway. If you want to know what I do with your data and how I look after it, you can read my new privacy policy here. In short, I will only ever use your data to do what you’ve asked me to do, and I’ll guard your privacy carefully.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or no longer want to hear from me and need help figuring out how to unsubscribe.


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