Hello! It’s been a bit quiet over here on the blog recently as I’ve been beavering away on my courses – teaching my current Rhythm in the Home group, finishing off materials for A Beautiful Childhood which will start very soon, and finalising plans for two (!) brand new courses which I hope to launch soon – as well as working with some lovely mentoring clients.

I love what I do so I find it hard sometimes to switch off from my work (especially as I get relatively little set time to work each week) but we’ve just been on a much-needed family holiday which has really helped me slow down and take a step back, something I have found vital for my creative energy. We spent a few nights at a wonderful, child-friendly hotel (and loved it so much that we are already planning our return trip) followed by a stay in the Forest of Dean (my top recommendations for that part of the world: go to Puzzlewood and the gorgeous Wenchford picnic and paddling site).

Staying in a forest was of course the perfect opportunity to pack some relevant books. You can take the homeschooling mama out of the home…

Here are some of the books we have been enjoying on holiday and at home:

Hidden World: Forest. This book is a big hit in our house! It’s simple enough to suit even very young children, but the illustrations and flaps make it perfect for pre-schoolers too. It’s a pleasure to read.

Woods and Forests (My First Discoveries). I feel like I am forever talking about this series! But it’s excellent for young children – just the right amount of text, and the cellophane pages make it exciting to read.

A Year Around the Great Oak. I love this book by Gerda Muller which describes a beautiful great oak tree and the children who play in it and the forest it stands in. At the end the children throw the tree a birthday party for being 300 years old. It’s gorgeous, like all Muller’s books.

Two in a Tent. I found this book second hand recently and I am in love. It’s such a brilliant book for learning about the wildlife you might get in the countryside and in forests, as well as telling a sweet story. The illustrations are super too. When I last checked there were very affordable second hand copies on Amazon, but it’s worth checking charity / thrift shops too.

The Gruffalo. We have been reading this since Frida was tiny, and I hadn’t read it with her for months and months! But it seemed appropriate to bring to the forest with us, as it all takes place in a “deep, dark wood”. A classic, although not Montessori friendly!

We have also been singing this sweet song together, with lots of stretching up and down:

Trees grow tall in the heart of the forest – 

High in the sky as the roots reach down in the deep, dark earth.

You can find a video on YouTube with the basic tune here.

What are you reading this summer?

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  1. Oh, that’s interesting. Would you be willing to explain why the gruffalo is not Montessori-friendly? I think it will show me what Montessori is all about. Thanks

    1. The Montessori philosophy doesn’t recommend fantasy books (eg. talking animals, monsters etc) for children under 6. It’s an element of the philosophy we’ve chosen not to include in our home. xx

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