The more I read, the more I think, the more I am convinced that peaceful parenting is the only way we are truly going to change the world for the better. Trying to build a just society when children are routinely punished, controlled and shamed and is like trying to build a home on sand – it’s not going to work.

Peaceful parenting comes down to two key things:

How we engage with our children: moving away from models of parenting that are based around control, coercion, shame, and inequality, towards parenting that is centred in connection, communication, and deep empathy. Holding space for their biggest and hardest emotions, being compassionate, and remembering how very small they are. Seeking to collaborate rather than dictate. Giving them the chance to learn resilience through problem solving, emotional literacy, and radical kindness.

How we show up as humans in the world: modelling the qualities we hope our children will develop. Living life with integrity to our values, being courageous and curious, standing up to injustice. Choosing joy and kindness. Practicing self-care, allowing ourselves the nourishment, inspiration, and rest which will allow us to serve our families and those around us. Being mindful of how our actions affect those around us.

This is why my new membership group The Peaceful Home is not just a “gentle discipline” group. I believe that in order to move towards a true peaceful home (family, community, and world!) we need to switch the focus from our children onto ourselves. Yes, the group will cover topics such as effective communication, parenting without punishments and rewards, and dealing with challenging behaviour. But we will also cover building resilience, recognising our triggers, and how to shift our mindsets, all in a warm and supportive space.

The Peaceful Home will be open to join from Sunday, and I am so excited to share it with you.

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