I have been getting lots of requests to share what we are gifting Frida this year, so here is what Frida will be opening on Christmas day. 

Stocking gifts

The photos in this post are of Frida’s stocking presents. I love the process of choosing sweet gifts that I know she will really love to fill her stocking – I think the phrase “stocking filler” can conjure up images of cheap gifts given just to provide bulk, but I definitely see the stocking being the most exciting part of the gift giving. This year I have gone for lots of Ambrosius figures and fairies as she loves these, and I know they will be used in play as well as for decoration (meaning longevity of use too). I’ve added a few seasonal books including a chapter book, and I will add in a Lush bath bomb too as a treat. 

“Big” presents

Under the tree, Frida will be unwrapping a dress that I think she will love, a new book, and a doll. I really hope she will like the doll – I showed her a few online and this is the one she immediately was drawn to. She has grown out of the baby doll she had as a toddler, so this felt like a good gift for her that she would be able to grow into, and I hope it will be an investment that is loved for years to come. 

And that’s it for us this year! Frida has already received a few Chanukah gifts from us and family (we went for a few wooden animals, a book, and a couple of small Playmobil toys). She will also get a couple of Christmas gifts from family, but not much.

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