I’m delighted to be running another round of my Making Sense of Screens course in September, and booking is now open!

I designed the course because as a parent, figuring out an approach to screen time can feel overwhelming. With so many conflicting voices and opinions, so many scare stories about both the harm of devices and the need for children to learn how to use new technologies, it sometimes feels impossible to make sense of what the research actually says about the impact of screens on children, let alone figuring out how this translates into real life with our children.

We belong to the first ever generation of parents to have to manage the challenge of digital devices and the internet, and deciding on an approach can feel overwhelming. 

And it’s not just our kids. As adults, we so often feel that our own devices have us in their grip. So many of the parents I work with talk about feeling addicted to their phones yet are unable to break the powerful habit of scrolling. I get it. Whether you spend all day with a small child, or feel disconnected from those you love whilst at work, it can feel like that small black screen is your lifeline to the outside world.

We know that modelling responsible screen use is vital if we are to raise children who are able to navigate the digital age. But reclaiming control of our time spent online, and developing a genuinely healthy relationship with your phone can feel like an impossible task.

This is why I have designed this course. It has been created as a non-judgemental resource to support you as you engage with the evidence and research and clarify your vision for how – and how often – you want screens to be used in the home. It’s not a course that will make you feel guilty for using screens, or tell you that you should never use them. It also won’t tell you that you should never regulate your children’s screen use, or make you feel bad for setting boundaries around them. It won’t tell you that you should throw your own phone in the bin, or delete all social media.

In fact, this course won’t tell you what to do at all. Instead it will provide you with heaps of information, guidance, and practical advice, so that you can make your own informed decisions based on what you learn, and your own family’s needs and values.

You can find out more about the course and book your place here.

If you book between now and Wednesday, you can get the course at a reduced price with the code “earlybird19“.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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