My membership group for peaceful parents, The Peaceful Home, is opening its doors to new members again next week, just in time for September’s topic of self care.

Self care is a topic you’ll no doubt have heard me mention a many times before because it is something that I am absolutely evangelical about. And the longer I do the work I do, the more I am convinced of two things:

Firstly, that proper self care (we’ll talk about what this really means – and what it doesn’t mean – in The Peaceful Home in September) is absolutely vital if we are to be peaceful and empathetic with our children, connected and responsive to our partners, and happy and fulfilled as individuals. More than any other one thing I can think of, taking care of ourselves has the hugest impact when it comes to how we are able to show up to ourselves and those around us.

Secondly, that despite knowing this, self care is one of the first things that parents let slip when they are busy, tired, stressed, or worn out. It seems easier to so many parents to read more books, book more coaching, or to buy more “stuff” than it is to simply slow down and address their own needs. I say simply, but of course there is nothing “simple” about getting your needs met when you are juggling the needs of everyone else around you! In The Peaceful Home we will look at how we can define our needs, find creative ways of getting these met, communicate them to the other people in our lives, and make space for what truly fills us up.

In September’s guide you will find journalling prompts to help you really dig down into what self care means for you, information and ideas, and a few books if you feel like going deep into further reading. On the website you will find a video of me talking about my own self care; an interview with Lucy Lucraft (@lucylucraft) talking about self-care whilst mothering a toddler, pregnant, and self employed; audios to help you reflect on the content in this guide; and some links to articles and podcasts which I hope will inspire you further.

The Peaceful Home

I made this video so that you could see what membership looks like when you log in to the members only area of the website:

Each month as a member you will have access to:

  • Video workshops on peaceful parenting (also available as audio downloads)
  • Mini podcasts recorded by me exclusively for The Peaceful Home members (new from September 2019)
  • A PDF workbook filled with information, practical ideas, questions for you to work through alone or with a partner, and journalling and reflection prompts
  • A curated ‘reading’ list of blogs, books, research, and articles
  • Weekly live Q&A videos
  • Access to the whole back-catalogue of content including topics such as calm communication, inner work and mindset, parenting without punishment, setting loving limits, raising socially aware children, playful parenting, parenting with consent, simplifying for peaceful parenting, and supporting children to develop emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Bonus interviews and content
  • Discounts on mentoring calls and coaching programmes
  • A whole lot of support and guidance from me and other like-minded parents to work through any bumps that come up in your journey

You can find out more here.

Membership will open on August 29th at 08:00am and the “doors” will close at midnight on August 31st. I can’t wait to welcome you into our community!

“It is hard to describe how impactful The Peaceful Home has been in our family’s life. I have tried many parenting classes/groups, and while most are informative, this one is transformational. The workbooks not only beautifully summarize the most important information but also prompt reflection help you get to the core of any struggles and helps you integrate content in a way that is meaningful for your particular family. The online community is also wonderful and supportive, and it has made a huge difference for me to not feel alone in my parenting journey. I really can’t say enough positive things about the group, and I really think it would benefit any parent, no matter how much or how little time they have spent learning and thinking about peaceful parenting.”

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