Well friends, it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

I hope you’re all doing OK during these strange, uncertain times. Our family is currently in week seven of social distancing, and things have been up and down for us, like I’m sure things have been for you too.

I’ve been experiencing sadness at missing our friends and family. Gratitude for our myriad privileges which keep us comfortable and safe. Anxiety that stems from living through a global pandemic. Joy in the moments of celebration and togetherness (Frida turned five. Five! How is that possible?). Concern about the future. Delight in the ordinary pleasures of mothering a sweet young soul. Distraction through the mundanity of life: trying to stem the tide of empty coffee cups, toys, and drawings; cooking three meals a day; trying to prevent foxes digging up my seedlings (I’m failing).

When I first realised the extent of the crisis, I spent a lot of time reflecting on how I could be of service. I pondered putting out more content, more ideas and tips, but even as I stared planning I felt overwhelmed by all of the other – wonderful! – resources being shared. So I asked myself what I wanted to help guide me through this period of uncertainty, and the answer wasn’t more blog posts. I wanted to spend less time online, not more; constantly checking social media was leaving me on edge and exhausted. But I did have an idea for something else. Something which felt needed. Something I sorely wanted myself, but didn’t exist.

And so, for the last month or so I’ve been working flat-out – evenings, weekends, any spare moment I had – on a big, brand-new project. It’s been exhausting, wonderful, and very, very exciting. And what’s gotten me through the darker moments has been the thought of being able to share it with you one day.

With that said, I am completely, utterly delighted – and still pinching myself – to be able to finally tell you that I have written a book. And it’s available to preorder now, ahead of publication next month.

Extraordinary Parenting: The essential guide to parenting and educating at home

Extraordinary Parenting is a practical, evidence-based guide to calmly parenting and educating from home as you navigate uncertain times, and to building strong, flexible rhythms that will see your family through both the good days and the more challenging ones.

Although I wrote this book with the current crisis at the front of my mind — how could I not have done? — it will guide you through parenting and educating more intentionally whichever season of your life you find yourself in, bringing calm, connection, beauty, and joy to your home.

Based on my years of working with parents around the world as well as my research on evidence-based parenting, Extraordinary Parenting will hold your hand as you:

  • Deepen your connection with your child to create an attachment that promotes learning and openness.
  • Build strong, adaptable family rhythms to provide your child with security and stimulation every day, every month, and every year.
  • Create a calm, simplified home environment which will encourage deep play and independence – whatever your living situation.
  • Discover enjoyable ways of learning together as a family, identify your child’s interests, and use traditional teaching materials in a creative way.
  • Take care of your own needs as a parent, in order to be the parent your child needs.

Extraordinary Parenting will not push you to seek perfection in your family life. Instead, it will help you strengthen your connection with your children, and find a new compassion for yourself and others.

Preorder Extraordinary Parenting today

Preorders matter a lot to authors, so if you are in a position to preorder a copy before the publication date then I would be honoured to share my work with you. As a thank you, if you preorder Extraordinary Parenting before the 14th May I will send you exclusive video workshops, podcast episodes, a playlist just for you, and some brand new writing. Just fill out this form once you’ve ordered, and you’ll be sent a link on publication day.

The paperback will be released on the 25th May 2020 (earlier in the US), with the e-book coming slightly sooner on the 14th May. You can preorder the book in either format using the following links:

UK: Amazon / Waterstones 

US: Amazon / Barnes and Noble

ANZ: Amazon / Book Depository / Booktopia 

Canada: Amazon

The book is also available from Amazon in the following countries (in English): Brazil / France / Germany / India / Italy / Japan / Mexico Spain

Usually the book publishing process takes a long time; around two years seems to be the average, from signing the contract to the book being published. But we felt that Extraordinary Parenting would be helpful to you right now. My publishers and my agent have done a superhuman job of getting the book ready to bring to you so soon, working quite literally round the clock, and I’m so delighted that their efforts mean you’ll be able to read it in a matter of weeks.

“This book feels like a big hug just when we need it. Eloise’s words offer reassurance, calm, and lots of practical suggestions.”

Simone Davies, author of The Montessori Toddler

And finally, thank you

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support until now.

Whether I’ve worked with you through coaching, gotten to know you through an online course, chatted to you on Instagram, you’ve shared some of my blog posts, or maybe this is your first time here – thank you for all of your encouragement. The fact that this book exists is thanks to all of you, and I’m beyond excited (and just slightly nervous) to share this next step with you.

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