I’m so delighted to finally be able to share with you a workshop which my dear friend Jodi (@mama_sangha_) and I have been developing over the past few months.

✨What Is Good Enough?✨

The past year has been hard. With less support, more opportunities for worry and anxiety, and separation from our loved ones and communities, many of us are struggling to locate a sense of being OK amidst the chaos and grief of the pandemic.

In our first ever live workshop together, we will be guiding you to explore the question “what is good enough?”. Over an afternoon, we will be diving deep into how we know what “good enough” looks like, how can we give ourselves permission to surrender to it, and the practices we can put in place which allow us to feel OK and to gently support ourselves.

I’ve made no secret of my anxiety over the years, and this past year with the pandemic and all of the associated fears, pressures, and challenged it’s been especially difficult for me at times. But Jodi’s practices have hugely supported my mental health and wellbeing, and helped me connect to the present and focus on what is OK during my moments of panic. These practices and tools really do work – thank goodness! – which is why I’m so delighted that we can bring them to you.

But these practices are not only useful if you struggle with anxiety or worry. They support us all to direct our hearts, bodies and minds towards the goodness and nourishment that already exists in our lives and experience.

Jodi says:

“Our mindfulness practice gives us a choice, a freedom to choose where we place our attention. We can use our mindfulness to orientate our attention towards what is already ok, good enough, and supportive in our experience, instead of dwelling in a permanent state of lack and insufficiency.”

As well as enjoying two of Jodi’s guided practices (which you’ll be able to listen to again and again after the session), you’ll also get two sessions led by me. The first will be exploring the idea of “good enough” mothering, and the factors which can leave us feeling guilty and “not enough” in our parenting. The second session will explore how we can approach difficult moments from a place of compassion, and some simple tools and ideas to support ourselves when times feel challenging.

Speaking about the workshop, I said:

“This workshop is not about making big changes or striving for perfection. Instead, we will be exploring how simple shifts in our attention and in our parenting can help us feel better about who we are now, how we are now, and to recognise that our parenting already exists in a state of love. “

The workshop will take place on Saturday 13th March between 14:00-17:30 UK time.

You’ll have space in the workshop to ask questions, take time to reflect on how the themes impact and show up in your life, and have time to connect with others too.

We have made 10 of the places “pay what you can”, if you’d like to claim one of these (no proof needed!) just drop me an email.

Replays will be sent out after the event, so no stress if a family emergency calls you away at the last minute – we know how it is.

We can’t wait to meet with you on the 13th! ❤️

Find out more and book here:


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