• See Inside Ancient Rome by Katie Daynes
  • Roman Soldier’s Handbook by Lesley Sims
  • The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice by Marcia Williams
  • Visitors Guide to Ancient Rome by Lesley Sims
  • DKL Findout! Ancient Rome
  • So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Rome by Chae Strathie and Marisa Morea
  • Find Tom in Time, Ancient Rome by Fatti Burke
  • Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit
  • Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona (A Young Slave) by Richard Platt

Novels and longer books

  • Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan (only if your child has read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series!)
  • The Children’s Plutarch: Tales of the Romans by  F. J. Gould 
  • Roman Invasion (My Story) by Jim Eldridge




  • Horrible Histories Rotten Romans movie
  • Playmobil has some great Roman Figures
  • Roman Top Trumps