Hello! I’m Eloise Rickman and I run this blog, Frida Be Mighty.

It won’t have escaped you that things have changed when it comes to data. Businesses (even just a one-woman band like me!) now have to be far more upfront about what they do with the data they collect.

So here is the deal:

What data I collect from you:

  • When you sign up to receive updates from my blog, or sign up to one of my courses, I collect personal data from you including your name and email address. This is so that I can deliver the services you’ve signed up for.
  • This website also collects data which does not identify you such as which blog posts are viewed, which country you are in, and so on. I only see this data in terms of broad insights eg. page view numbers.
  • This data is collected directly, such as when you sign up to buy a course, or indirectly when you visit the website. This website collects cookies, which is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. Find out more about cookies: www.cookiecentral.com.

What I will do with your data:

  • I may use your data to contact you in order to provide you with an update or newsletter you have signed up to receive, or to deliver a product or service you have bought or signed up for.
  • I will never use your data for a different purpose to the one you intended without explicitly asking you first, ie. if you sign up to buy a course from me, I won’t add you to a mailing list at the same time or subscribe you to my blog.
  • If you have signed up to receive email updates or blog updates from me then I will hold this data unless you unsubscribe or no longer wish to receive these updates.
  • If you have purchased a service from me I will hold on to this data for seven years from date of purchase in order to comply with financial regulations, and then I will delete it.

How your data is protected:

  • Access to your data is restricted by passwords and won’t be shared for marketing purposes or sold to anyone. Basically, I will only ever use your data to do what you’ve asked me to do.
  • Most of your data is stored in WordPress, but if you buy a service from me I may store some of your data in password-protected spreadsheets to ensure that I am able to contact you and effectively deliver the service you have bought.

When your data might be shared:

  • If you sign up to updates or purchase a service from me via a third party application such as Mailchimp, PayPal or Acuity then your data will also be passed on to that website. Please familiarise yourself with their individual privacy policies.

Your rights:

  • You have a right to be forgotten; if you have previously signed up but wish for your information to be deleted, please contact me.
  • You have a right to complain to the ICO (that’s the Information Commissioner’s Office) if you think there is a problem with the way I am handling your data.

Updates to this policy:

  • This policy was last updated on 24 May 2018.

I hope that is clear but please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the way I am handing your data (or if you just fancy a chat) by emailing me at hello@fridabemightycom.

Thanks for reading!

Eloise x