“I feel like your course is the best thing I have done since becoming a parent. I absolutely loved it. It’s opened my mind and my heart to my girls in so many ways and allowed me to invest my time and heart into them, and not feel shame and doubt about wanting to give them my best or allowing them to see my worst. Thank you!”

“This course was all kinds of inspiring. Before the course when pondering all the different types of educational philosophies, and how to incorporate them into our lives, I felt so overwhelmed and confused as to what had meaning for our family. Eloise makes each focus for the week so easy to understand and makes everything so accessible. This whole process has been incredibly supportive and nurturing, being in a group of likeminded parents has been invaluable when implementing some of these approaches in our own life. Eloise was always on hand for advice and tailored support on any areas that were difficult to understand, or just to offer a lovely supportive comment as you worked through. I highly recommend this course to any parent, it has completely exceeded my expectations and I am so excited to use much of what we learned as my daughter grows.”

“Thank you for this course. The quality and the depth of the videos and guides were beyond my expectations, even though I’m already a fan of yours. You’re very generous with your time and it’s just a pleasure to see how committed you are to share your knowledge with us. You speak and write in a way that is clear, smart, straight to the point but never too simplistic. You always elevate the discussion and make me want to keep learning, keep thinking and mindfully enjoying every single aspect of this crazy wonderful adventure that is motherhood and parenthood.”

“Your beautiful childhood course was stunning. I took so much more from it than I expected to (having been fairly well researched) and having your insight was invaluable. Basically, if you’re doing it then I’m in.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the course. It’s been so informative and has taught me so much that I had no idea about until recently. It has given me so many ideas of things I can include in our daily lives, even as a family who isn’t homeschooling. I looked forward to the videos every week and the course handbooks are brilliantly put together and easy to digest. Thank you so much for opening up a whole new world of education possibilities!”

“A Beautiful Childhood has helped me in so many ways. The depth of your knowledge in this area is just incredible, and having you talk so passionately about each philosophy not only helped me further my understanding of each school of thought, (and in some cases introduced them to me full stop!) but it also reignited my enthusiasm for alternative education and gave me the confidence to continue on this path. I think what is unique about this course is the way you approach learning Eloise. I felt after completing this course all the pressure I previously felt to ‘be’ a label or comply to a set of rules, (ie Montessori/Waldorf etc) just dissipated, and I felt able to incorporate and enjoy aspects from each of the philosophies into our lives. This has been so helpful to me as I often find myself feeling really overwhelmed about what it is I’m actually trying to achieve (do we do fantasy, or don’t we? Can I make my child’s breakfast, or is that stifling independence? And so on!) but now I am happy to pick and choose all the bits that feel right for my family, and go with the flow a bit more! It’s hard when, like me, you don’t have a close group of like minded parents in your daily life to bounce ideas off, meaning you’re left with only Instagram squares to compare to. This group made alternative parenting REAL, and that for me was invaluable.”

“Thank you so much for this amazing course! I have truly enjoyed it, and well, still enjoying it as I keep revisiting the group for the videos and materials. I have grown a lot as a mother thanks to the course, and well, in general to YOU! Thank you for being so generous with sharing your knowledge and taking the time to be the soul of all conversations here and in your main group. I love whatever you do: we feel that you put all your heart into your blog, your facebook group and your courses, and that parenting is a social issue for you indeed (not just a product you sell). It also means a lot that you don’t only offer knowledge, but also a real village, a tribe to belong to. You connect likeminded mums, and in many cases it is worth so much more than the actual knowledge. Whenever you’re going to have a new course, I’m on board!”

“I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Before the course, I was only familiar with Waldorf and Montessori, but this course has been very inspiring and mind-opening. It made me realise how little I thought I knew and that there are still many creative possibilities I could go for regarding my son’s education. Especially the Unschooling topic, all the information provided and discussed are very thought provoking, which remind me of how unsatisfied I used to feel about school when I was a teenager. It also makes me think, this is exactly why I took this course, that as adult I’m still a natural learner and I strive to continue to learn everything that is in my interest, and that would also be how I wish my son to learn, to always have the passion and desire to dig deeply into his interests. Thank you again, Eloise!”

“The course ‘A Beautiful Childhood’ is so beautifully written and reflects such knowledge, and passion, from Eloise. The course is delivered in a way that makes complex philosophies become understandable, and manageable, as Eloise empowers you to incorporate them into your own lifestyle. I was so honoured to feature in the Montessori section of the course and I feel privileged to have learnt about other theories, such as Waldorf, from this course. If you want to open your approach to raising children to incorporate a delicate mixture of a multitude of alternative philosophies, then this is definitely the course for you! Thank you for all the work you do, Eloise, and for enriching the lives of so many children who will ultimately form ‘A Beautiful Society’.”

“I loved this course: well thought-through, inspiring, going beyond the ‘here is the theory’ with practical tips, interviews and a nice online community which is very supportive. I wish I had done it earlier! Eloise, you have created something really inspiring and I would love to re do it!”

“I very much enjoyed the course, it helped me a lot to finally understand where things that I’ve been instinctively doing are actually coming from and what major philosophy/ideology is the underlying core. I feel I need to work on letting my son “be free”/not intervening too much and I got some very useful background info regarding this specific matter.”