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Welcome to Calm Celebrations.

As a parent, you want to give your children joyful experiences. You want to make memories that they will cherish well into adulthood, gifting them moments of calm togetherness alongside exuberant celebration.

We know that spending quality time with friends and family is a strong indicator of wellbeing and happiness. But in real life, eagerly anticipated celebrations, festivals, and birthday parties can often end up in overwhelm, exhaustion, and bickering. You want your celebrations to have meaning, to reflect your family values, but find that meaning can often end up lost amongst the piles of gifts and the weight of expectation to create a “perfect day”.

The overwhelm – and over-spending – and following crash that can come with family celebrations can feel inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be. Year after year – anticipated, enjoyed, and remembered – celebrating moments big and small together as a family can bring you closer together.

That is why I am running this course, designed to help you create meaningful and beloved family celebrations that will bring you joy for years to come, whilst staying calm and connected to your children in the process.

“It was recently my sons second birthday and the course was invaluable. So supportive in working out a celebration for him not what was expected by others. We are bringing little celebrations into our days/weeks/months too which have been so joyful.”

What does the course cover?

Module One

The first module of the course will focus on laying the foundations to craft meaningful celebrations and build family traditions that will be cherished for years to come. You will explore how celebrations can truly reflect your family’s unique needs and values, and become a beloved part of your family’s rhythm, reflecting what is important to you.

Module two

In the second module you’ll gain lots of ideas for creating beloved family celebrations, including birthdays and celebrations such as Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, Ramadan and more. You will be inspired to celebrate the seasons with your children, and create tiny everyday celebrations which bring delight to your daily life.

You will also explore how to turn preparation for celebrations – big and small – from a chore into a source of joy for the whole family, and look at how to wind these celebrations down slowly so that no-one feels the “comedown” when it’s over.

Module three

In this module we’ll be looking at gifts, toys, and play. We will explore how to choose quality toys which will support your child’s imagination and development, how to create calm play-spaces, tips for implementing toy rotation, and how to communicate your toy and gift preferences to well meaning family and friends ahead of celebrations.

This module also includes a freshly updated PDF gift guide, broken down into categories, for you to share with friends and families (including gifts which don’t cost a thing!)

Module four

In this module we will focus on peaceful parenting in the context of celebrations. You will learn practical ways to reduce overwhelm during celebrations – for you and for your children – and ways to keep calm even when things feel anything but. You will have a chance to dig deeper into your parenting triggers, learning how to identify these and what to do when they arise.

You will also gain practical tips on how to deal with conflict when it comes to spending time with family who may share different parenting values to you, and how to clearly communicate your parenting preferences to friends and family.

Although these issues are discussed in the context of celebrations, the insights and practical tips you will gain are applicable to everyday life with young children, helping you parent peacefully, with more ease and joy. 

“It was so lovely to have a reason to spend some quiet time thinking about our family’s celebrations. I feel our celebrations will better reflect our values, now that we’ve taken some time to consider how we can do this. Also really love the gift guide!”

Is the course for me?

Yes, if you have young children and want to give your family the gift of calm and meaningful family celebrations and a peaceful childhood. You want to avoid the overwhelm that can come from new toys, people, and a shift in rhythm, and create cherished memories and traditions for your family that will last a lifetime.

You do not need to live in the UK to take part, or celebrate any particular festivals or holidays; parents from all over the world enrol in Beautiful Childhood courses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course- it felt as though I was doing something for myself as well as for my son, rather than just for him for a change. The accompanying workbooks were very detailed and exciting to read, and it’s very clear that you’ve put a lot of work into them. I came away from the course with lots of ideas for celebrating the smaller things (and feeling like it’s okay to do so!)”

How will the course be run?

The course will next run during the month of November. You will have lifetime access to the course.

When you purchase the course you will have immediate access to the four modules, each containing a video workshop and some mini podcasts. A PDF workbook accompanies each module too, filled with information, ideas, exercises and lots of practical tips.

The course will finish off with a live Q&A session (held on December 1st at 8pm UK time), to provide you with personalised support. A recording will be circulated afterwards, and you can submit questions in advance, so it’s no problem if you’re in a different time zone or you can’t make it.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group, which provides a nurturing space for ongoing community discussion with like-minded parents as you all work towards the goal of gifting your family calm celebrations. Eloise will also be active in the group during this time to guide and support your conversations.

How do I book?

The course costs £39 for lifetime access.

If you are on a low family income, please use the code “cozy” at checkout for 50% off (no proof needed, I trust that those choosing to book this way are doing so in good faith).


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I look forward to working together!

About Eloise

Eloise Rickman is an author, parent educator and founder of A Beautiful Childhood. She works with clients around the world through online courses and coaching. Her work focuses on evidence-based parenting, home-based and alternative education, and helping families find more rhythm and ease in their daily lives. Extraordinary Parenting (Scribe, 2020) is her first book.

Eloise is a trained doula, and previously studied social anthropology at Cambridge University where she first became interested in how childhood and family practices shape society. She believes that parenting can be a radical act, and that changing the way we raise and educate children has the potential to shape and change society for the better. Her work has been featured on the BBC, and she is a regular guest on podcasts. She lives in South London with her husband and young daughter, who has been home educated from birth.